Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quick 2D-3D Exercise

In the beginning of week 10 class, we did a quick exercise with sheet material to create 3-D structures. They were required to have different qualities and here are the results.

Dense/Layered Structure

2D-3D Emerging Formations

The process and the end result are both important for a designer. Usually the process involves problem-solving which can lead to a quite linear route and limit creativity. However, for this exercise and the following project, Jacqui tries to teach us a new creative process, which is a series of steps that form the end product rather than predicting the outcome first. It is rather spontaneous yet you can create "rules" or limitations that help to define the final product at the same time. 

So the first step was to create some drawings using ink and markers. Listening to the music I made spontaneous random lines, shapes, volumes, and forms (pictured above).

Second, I made collage of the drawings and combined the formal elements in to one. When making these, I identified qualities that were present in the drawings such as structural, fragile, intricate, calm, chaotic, and coarse/rough.

Photocopies of the collages (above) are made to be worked into 3-D mauettes (Below)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

how beautiful! 

Janie Taylor, one of the world’s finest pointe performers (whose haunting beauty has been likened to a Hitchcockian Grace Kelly) enlisted choreographer and fellow New York City Ballet principal dancer Justin Peck to breathe life into Hannah MacGibbon’s ballerina-inspired Chlo√© collection.(The Block MagazineX NOWNESS)

some stills

paper sculptures by matt shlian

could just stare at it for hours. found via inspired